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Care & Sharpening

Correct care and resharpening of PUMA Knives

The proper usage, regular maintenance, care and correct resharpening of blade are of paramount importance, so you can continue working with your PUMA Knife for a long time.

Here we show you how to do it right:

PUMA knife care and resharpening instructions:


1. Knives are often hard to open when not used for a long time. A drop of oil on the hinges and opening and closing the blades a couple of times mostly solves the problem.

2. After use, clean knife thoroughly. Keep away from heating elements to prevent staghorn or wood handles from cracking or warping.

3. Apply a thin coat of gun oil, particularly to springs and moving parts.

4. Never open two parts half way. The spring may get too much tension and break. (Fig. 1)


Fig. 1

5. Resharpen blades with PUMA-sharpening steel article-No. 903574 or PUMA-Arkansas-Oilstone article-No. 903576 and sharpening oil article-No. 903579.

6. Don't use your knife for chopping, piercing, as a can-opener or screwdriver, because the blade will definitely get damaged. Always remember a PUMA knife is a valuable tool.

Don't ever put a PUMA knife on a high speed grinding wheel. You will burn the steel and destroy the cutting edge. (Fig. 2)



Fig. 2


If the blade is still thin and wedge-shaped (Fig.. 3)



Fig. 3

 It can be resharpened with PUMA-Arkansas-Oilsstone No. 903576 and PUMA- Sharpening-Oil No. 903579. Put some sharpening oil on your stone. Lay your blade flat on the stone with the cutting edge facing away from you. Then tilt back of the blade up to approx 30 angle. (Fig. 4).

Push the knife away from you.



Fig. 4

Just like you are trying to cut a thin slice off the surface of the stone. Repeat this stroke two or three times. Turn your knife over to the other side of the blade with the cutting edge facing you. Tilt the blade to approx. 30 angle. (Fig. 4) Pull the knife towards you just like you are trying to cut a thin slice off the surface of the stone. Repeat this stroke two or three times. Do the same number of strokes on each side of the blade. (Fig. 5 + 6)


Fig. 5


Fig. 6 


 BLADES which have been resharpened often and which are dull and rounded (Fig. 7)


Fig. 7

should be resharpened on PUMA-Sharpening-Stone No. 90 3578 as follows:

1. Wet stone thoroughly with water and keep surface wet during resharpening process.

2. Start on the coarse, light side of the stone. Put the knife in the right hand and holding blade almost flat, start rubbing a few strokes right or left moving against the blade edge. Turn knife over and rub in the other direction. Always press blade against stone just like you are trying to cut a thin slice off it. If the blade is thin enough a fine burr will be seen on the edge.

By rubbing the blade on the sharpening stone any damage to the edge will also be removed.

3. This bur has to be removed on the fine, dark side of the stone. Tilt knife approx. 30 to the surface (Fig. 4) and proceed as on the Arkansas Stone above.

Spare parts, except leather sheaths, will not be sold. Repairs and resharpening of blades performed by Customer Service will be charged at cost only.
Take care of all the above points and your knife will always stay sharp and in top condition.