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MB-102 Multi Base
MB-102 Multi Base Item number: 908009
€89.25 *
Tormek T-4 Bushcraft
Tormek T-4 Bushcraft Item number: 908001
€479.00 *
Tormek Diamond-sharpeningstone DF-200, (coarse)
Tormek Diamond-sharpeningstone DF-200, (coarse) Item number: 908007
€199.00 *
Tormek sharpening stone, DF 200 (fine)
Tormek sharpening stone, DF 200 (fine) Item number: 908005
€189.00 *
Tormek Diamond -sharpeningstone DF-200, (extra fine)
Tormek Diamond -sharpeningstone DF-200, (extra... Item number: 908006
€269.99 *
Centering Module, TORMEK
Centering Module, TORMEK Item number: 908003
€49.00 *
Tormek Turn and dressingtool
Tormek Turn and dressingtool Item number: 908004
€75.00 *